JUNE 2022
©Anima II | Log | Exterior

After the delivery from Ipswich, UK, to Malta, we received our Maltese registration certificate during the first week of May. We were ready to go! This was a delivery trip to Palma, Mallorca, with stopovers in Sicily, Sardinia and Menorca. We planned a week for this short-handed trip together with our skipper, my wife, myself and our dog Karlchen. Sailing Anima II is such a joy – during a light breeze and heavy weather, but thankfully we had fantastic sailing conditions for most of the week. She is agile, fast and her interior provided us with the comfort of a first-class Hotel – I sleep better on her than at home.

Spirit Of Anima | Sunset 1

People who are already at sea will know that there are no more beautiful sunsets than in the middle of the ocean. I would give the last sunset we had before greeting Menorca a 12 out of 10. Just stunning! This time we had amazing motoring through the warm night, guided by the stars of the milky way, before arriving in Menorca, which has such an incredible coastline.

Spirit Of Anima | Menorca Coastline