yacht sunset

Arriving at the harbour of Guernsey, there she was. Calmingly floating in a sea of glitter, brought up by the reflection of the sun in the water. With minor hiccups, we patiently awaited the sunrise, and finally, the long-awaited adventure began. The first shift started with dolphins joining the voyage, waves rocking her from left to right and a nice breeze in the sails. The wind was steadily dropping, and the worries of insufficient fuel grew. The miles to the motor were precisely calculated, over and over again, and after the third day, the wind decided to help out with the speed, and the sun lit up all our faces.


Sailing with all sails up into the warm late afternoon, with 80s music strumming in the background, we got closer and closer to our destination. Moments of total tranquillity, serenity and contentment – accompanied by whales, sunfish, dolphins, good food and wonderful weather, the last two days passed quickly. After a good week of sailing, we arrived in Gibraltar. Who would have thought of the freedom of casting off the lines and heading out into the open sea?