May 2024
Ibiza Birthday Charter

Sant Antoni, Ibiza: A 60th Birthday to Remember!

Imagine waking up in a cabin on a sailing yacht in the calm waters of Sant Antoni, Ibiza. The sun is rising, and the sea is glowing. You stretch, yawn, and jump into the clear water for a refreshing start to the day.

Back on deck, you’re greeted with freshly brewed coffee and a platter of vibrant fruits. It’s a great way to begin the morning.

Today is special—it’s a 60th birthday celebration! Guests from Germany, Singapore, Spain, and the United States start arriving. The deck is alive with laughter, hugs, and clinking glasses.

Our friend joins the gathering with his sailing yacht, and together we sail towards a secluded bay. The sun is high, the sails are full, and the sea is sparkling. Dolphins swim alongside us, making the day even better.

Then, all of the sudden the surprise birthday treat arrives! The captain picked up the talented saxophonist, Raúl Martínez, playing tunes to get the party started and adding a very special touch to the celebration.

As the sun sets, we gather on deck to toast to friendship, adventure, and memorable moments.

After a day on the water sailing we return to Sant Antoni, surrounded by loved ones, music, and nature, this birthday is truly one to remember. Here’s to many more adventures on the sea. Cheers!