December 2023
Meet our new skipper:
Fernando Peñas
ANIMA II skipper Fernando

I’m Fernando, and I’m excited to join the Spirit of Anima team.

I’m 47-year-old, born in Seville, Spain and living with my wife there when I am not somewhere in the world sailing. The Guadalquivir River is not only connecting Seville to the sea but also has connected my heart to the sea. My love for the sea that has guided me through thrilling experiences and continues to inspire me towards new horizons.

Let me tell you about my life’s adventures. At young age I stayed many times at my grandparents’ house by Mar Menor in Murcia. Watching people sail and windsurf fascinated me. Eventually I got the chance to try it myself and I was instantly hooked. Since then, the sea has been my passion. At 13, my grandpa gave me my first windsurfing board, marking a significant moment in my sea life. From then onwards, I spent the winters eagerly awaiting the summers to windsurf and later sail with my friends.

After the military I studied Commercial Management and Marketing, but the sea always had the higher call and I decided to become a sailing instructor. The work as sailing instructor the foundation and was leading into my first Atlantic crossing.

In 2002, I entered the world of chartering. This marked the beginning of a chapter where I managed the maintenance of seven catamarans in Mallorca and worked as a skipper on a passenger catamaran. As an entrepreneur I established the first Kite school in Huelva and also started to work with the importer of HOBIE Cat where we were leading for about 8 years charter projects in and around Barcelona.

©Anima II | Log | Skipper Fernando

After eight fulfilling years in Barcelona, I decided to focus on freelancing work in the maritime industry, joining regatta teams with focus on classic yachts, worked as skipper for deliveries and various charters. During 2019 till 2022, I worked in Mallorca for a Spanish family were I was responsible as a skipper for a 60ft motor yacht and as well a 50ft sailing yacht. In 2019 I already had the opportunity to work with the owners of Anima II on the design and I am so happy that I eventually have the honour and opportunity to become skipper for her.

Before starting my new role as skipper of Anima II in December 2023, I worked the past 2 years as a captain of a 50ft catamaran sailing around the Balearic Islands and the Spanish coast. Together with the owners and various charter clients we sailed more than 10.000 NM along the coasts. It was an exciting experience, but I also wanted to get back on a monohull to truly enjoy the sensation of sailing and racing.

I know the owners of Anima II for many years, we sailed together on classic yachts but as well their beautiful Dragon from 1965. I only can say that I’m truly excited to continue this journey as the captain of ANIMA II and be part of this extraordinary team. I can’t wait to share the excitement and beauty of the sea with you.