Close up of Anima II crank handle

My name is Tommaso, I’m the skipper of Anima II, and this is my story:

I was born in a mountain region of Italy called Trentino Alto-Adige in the northeast Dolomites. I spent my childhood in a wooden lodge surrounded by forests and snow, where my father used to train Siberian huskies so he could ride a sledge on the cold winter nights.

At the age of 11, we moved to the south of Italy, where I experienced my first contact with the Mediterranean Sea: red sandy beaches and crystal-clear water were the backgrounds of my adolescence. It was here I developed a deep affinity with the Sea. The stories of my father’s old-fashioned journeys around the world and the history instilled in me gave me a need to explore the world and its boundaries, so I decided to go to the Nautical school in my town.

Skipper Tomasso standing by ship mast

When my studies finished, I decided to travel. My voyages began in California, where I joined an Italian crew on a Solaris72 called ‘Plum’ whose project goal was a round-the-world sailing tour. I worked as a mate on this project for four years; 70,000+ nautical miles developed in a route that from California drove us down into the calm Sea of Cortez in Mexico, where whales and orcas gave birth surrounded by a forest of cacti. Following towards the fascinating Galapagos Islands, then westerly to the mighty old volcanoes of French Polynesia and its liquid emerald seas, studded with pearls and tribes of the sea. We then headed toward Tonga islands and swam with the majestic blue whales. The immense blue desert of the Pacific Ocean ends in a labyrinth of islands and dense tropical forests inhabited by creatures that modern civilization has never contaminated: the East Indies.

After almost a year of sailing between the Siam gulf and the Andaman Sea, visiting the unspoiled Mergui Archipelago, the project turned towards more chill waters and an extended delivery via Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan, finally landing in Alaska: the Kingdom of Wilderness. Sailing through icebergs, encountering vis-à-vis Kodiak bears and relationships with the Atabashkan and Haida native American tribes has carved in my memory a profound and unforgettable attachment to nature: my Call of the Wild.

After the Pacific experience, my hunger for discovery led me to cross the Atlantic on a Southern Wind 80, joining the ARC race. Once I landed in the Caribbean, the islands’ mellow essence and relaxed temper sailed me through the Grenadines islands, the raw beauty of Jamaica and timeless Cuba embedded in times gone by epoch.

And it’s time to set bow towards Mare Nostrum, where I spent the last four years sailing the Ionian and Aegean Islands of Greece towards the gate of East. After six years as second on board, I decided to step forward and take command of a true classic from 1963 Sparkman & Stephens 65″ based in Malta, where I’ve been living for the last two years sailing the south Mediterranean Sea and building up my Skipper experience.

In October 2021, I joined the Spirit of Anima project. When I first saw Anima II lying in the shipyard in Ipswich (UK), I immediately understood the quality of this piece of craftsmanship: the perfect equilibrium of classic and modern.

After seven months following the shipyard process, we delivered Anima II towards the Med with a destination of Malta, 2000 nautical miles, to test her in all kinds of conditions. The outcome was unanimous; she is elegant and unique. Sailing is more than a job: it is a passion, that restlessness of the soul that burns inside every one of us, looking at the horizon, wondering what’s beyond.

Never stop exploring